Tridivisions offers a range of professional services to its customers, in both industry and research.

  • Coordination of international research and innovation project proposal initiatives and the consortia (Horizon Europe, EUREKA, …) as well as in Germany, Portugal, and South Korea.
  • Development of R&D and innovation project concepts, and elaboration of project descriptions.
  • Technology scouting.
  • Identification of suited partners and development of strategic partnerships.
  • Strategy review and business case development.
  • Market research, market development and internationalisation.
  • Cooperation partner search and matchmaking.
  • Investment brokerage.

Case Studies

In 2013, German InnoTeams GmbH approached Tridivisions for a review of the company’s strategy. Until then, the company was mostly focusing on technology transfer from 2 R&D institutes to industry, with a strong emphasis on advanced computer graphics.

An analysis of the company’s strategy revealed several deficiencies, namely difficulties with the reliability of most of the research results that were accessible to InnoTeams, and their transformation into sellable products. Consequently, InnoTeams, supported by Tridivisions, developed its own product development strategy, within a well-delimited technological frame, and a specific target market, “Corporate Gaming”. Besides the strategic advice, Tridivisions identified and suggested a German hardware/software developer with a suited background, LTE GbR, to which InnoTeams outsourced the development. This partnership turned out to be very successful.

Today, InnoTeams is the leading German Corporate Gaming provider.

IST Lisbon and ISR Coimbra, Portugal

In 2018, Tridivisions engaged IST and ISR, both leading institutes in international robotics research, with an idea of a European research proposal. The base for this proposal was Tridivisions’ own internal market observation and development activities for “ecotech”, a market that the company considered as promising and with a high growth potential for at least the 2 next decades. In collaboration with both institutes, Tridivisions not only outlined the entire project proposal, but also compiled large parts of it and brought in suited and valuable partners from its own business network.

The result was the European MSCA RISE project ECOBOTICS.SEA which started in January 2019, aggregating 10 partners from Europe and India.

LogicPulse Lda, Portugal

LogicPulse was founded in 2008, with the objective to develop innovative solutions for logistics. At that time, RFID technology was at the core of the company’s strategy. However, the RFID application market in Portugal was still very small, and its growth rate wasn-t compatible with LogicPulse’s business strategy.

LogicPulse consulted Tridivisions for an update of its business strategy, with the objective to create a broader horizontal product and solutions range, building on the existing technology platforms and expertise, while keeping the general profile of the customers with which it already conducted business. As a result, LogicPulse invested in the development of 3 additional, innovative product lines: queue management, time attendance and access control. In parallel, and supported by Tridivisions, the company started to develop sales channels in Spain, Angola and Mozambique. Within 2 years, LogicPulse doubled its annual business volume.