Solutions and Products



ARPad is a presentation system developed for mobile devices (tablets and smartphones) which uses Augmented Reality (RA) technology to showcase products in an innovative way.

ARPad allows to see 3D models of objects in a real environment, providing a state-of-the-art solution for sales, promotion and catalog replacement.

ARPad has already been implemented in two use cases, one for displaying/showcasing/selling furniture and decoration items and services, and another to showcase architecture projects.


Corporate and Event Games


The communication channels between companies and the public include many presential contacts. These can be public events, trade fairs, points of sale, etc.

These contacts can be maximized in terms of brand awareness and marketing effect with interactive games which involve the public. For this purpose Tridivisions has a range of products, customizable to your own brand, available for purchase or rent.



Goalkeeper is an interactive mixed-reality game. The player is in front of a large screen (LCD, Plasma, projected image) and through the use of a camera, is inserted in a virtual field where he assumes the role of a goalkeeper and has to defend the goal with his own body movements.


  • Field advertising spaces are customizable to the brand being promoted;
  • Game available for football, handball, hockey and ice-hockey;
  • Action photos of players can be immediately printed or sent via Bluetooth to mobile phones;
  • Adjustable level of difficulty;
  • Adjustable amount of balls available in each game;

Virtual Graffiti

Virtual Graffiti is an interactive mixed-reality application where the user can paint a virtual wall. The user uses a digital controller resembling a spray-paint can, and digitally paints in a projection screen in a wall.  The wall being painted is fully customizable. It can be any image, including logos and objects as desired.


  • The design made by each user can be sent via Bluetooth to his mobile phone, or via email;
  • The design can be immediately printed on-the-spot and given to the player;
  • The graffiti action on the wall can be transmitted live, to other displays;
  • The wall image can contain a company logo or product, and the player uses it as a base to his design;


If you are interested in any of these solutions, please contact us.