Tridivisions provides 2 sets of services to its customers:


1. Business Development support

TriDiVisions helps its customers by developing complementary business strategies with the objective to exploit their main assets – technologies, products and know-how – more efficiently and effectively. We do that by having a “fresh look” at the company, coming from the outside, identifying and evaluating the potential of its assets in ways that are not (yet) part of its strategy. Based on the evaluation we point out strategic options to our customers.

TriDiVisions also helps in identifying and engaging new business opportunities, both in domestic and international markets, benefitting from a business network that spreads out to a large part of Europe as well as into the United States, Brazil and the Republic of Korea.

Additionally, our service portfolio includes:

  •  Market search and market watch
  • Identification of market and customer needs
  • Support in the establishment of sales channels on the global market
  • Search for innovative technologies; research on the state-of-the-art
  • Identification of business partners
  • Identification and engagement of specific business opportunities
  • Development of Business Cases and Business Plans


2. Establishment of R&D proposals and projects

Based on its expertise in Information and Communication Technology and participation in close to 30 international and national R&D projects over the last 25 years, TriDiVisions’ team provides its high expertise in this domain for the conception, compilation and submission of R&D project proposals, namely in the scope of the Horizon 2020 Programme and the Portugal 2020 Programme.

As our team has a combined experience of R&D and entrepreneurship we are ideally suited to develop credible and sound strategies related to “Impact” and the sub-topics dissemination, communication, exploitation and demonstration which are all of special importance in the scope of the aforementioned programmes.

TriDiVisions can also help identifying competent and reliable partners for joint R&D endeavors, in Europe as well as the Republic of Korea. Optionally, TriDiVisions can also be partner such a project, typically taking the responsibility for the execution of the aforementioned tasks.


If you would like to know more about our services please contact us.