Innovation and R&D

R&D Strategy


Tridivisions’ core activity is product-oriented R&D. We strive  to develop innovative technologies and applications for existing technologies in the pursuit to conceive and develop solutions and products with significant added value for our customers.

Tridivisions’ culture encourages “thinking outside the box” to come up with unique solutions to everyday problems and challenges, while our development and testing methodology ensure the highest levels of quality.

Tridivisions works closely with its partners in an international network of collaborative innovation with common goals.





Integrated software solution for a mobile and a desktop platform consisting of a complete ICT tool for the Real Estate professional.


Mobile hardware device consisting of a touchscreen controlled computing device and several measuring devices and sensors, especially designed to use the ARESS software.

3D HomeScan

Research project of a system to automatically scan spaces and create the 3D model of those spaces.


Integrated software and multi-device hardware system to educate and alert the user towards a more energy efficient behavior.


Research project of a mobile immersive visualization system using Augmented Reality  technologies


Project based on NEREA proof-of-concept to develop a final product and launch it in the market.


If you are interested in any of these projects, please contact us.